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Glue Guns For Every Application

Why should I buy a high-quality glue gun?

If you’re looking for a hot glue gun, there’s a good chance you want to stick two items together. Even if this is a one-time job you might be tempted to buy an inferior quality product simply because it has a very low price, but you could easily be making a mistake. The problem is that cheap glue guns (and cheap glue) simply don’t last and create weak bonds. What’s the point in doing a job only to have to do it again? And what if the glue gun has broken already? Remember – buy cheap, buy twice! If you’re looking for glue guns for professional results, you’re in the right place. Gary’s Glue sticks for you!

Where can you buy a hot glue gun?

Gary’s Glue is an Irish adhesives company with locally-based customer support. We can supply you with a cordless hot glue gun, glue guns for DIY, and even industrial glue guns. Whatever task is at hand we’ll have a hot glue gun than can complete it easily. Stop wondering where to buy a hot glue gun and choose Gary’s Glue for all your adhesive needs.

What is the best glue gun to buy?

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be, “What glue gun is best?” but rather ask which glue gun is best for crafts, which glue gun is best for fabric, and so on. Consider the application – will you be better choosing a wired or wireless glue gun? If you need to move around and get into inconvenient spaces, then a wireless solution may be the best option. If you’re going to be stationary and don’t need wireless freedom, then a wired glue gun will suffice. Choosing which glue gun to use can only be determined by how you will be working. All of the glue guns available from Gary’s Glue will provide excellent and professional results every time, so the choice is truly yours.

How much are hot glue guns?

Glue guns range in price from around €30 to €300 depending on the features you require. A basic wired glue gun may be the best hot glue gun for your needs, but a battery-powered wireless glue gun may serve your needs more effectively. Every glue gun from Gary’s Glue provides real, reliable results. Whether you need a hot glue gun for arts and crafts, or you want a hot glue gun to make small repairs around your home, browse the range available at Gary’s Glue, and remember that we’re always here to help.